Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Truth About Mother Teresa - Christopher Hitchens

The saintly adoration poured on those thought to be 'better' than the common folk of the land, is to me, a sad indication of how those who wish to appear morally superior because of a belief, actually lack the common morals of those who look up to them. When a simple and fault filled person is elevated to a position beyond their actual means, it appears its only a matter of time before the complete need for demagoguery sets in. Interestingly enough after this program was made, letters were unearthed that mother Teresa had written.

Within these writings she confessed her inability to believe in god and a complete emptiness in what she did. She was by her very own admission a fraud. We should all take note that if the one person thought to be most saintly in the recent past did not actually have any deep experience relating to her God, physically or metaphysically, then it is fair to concede that others in her position are similarly left without the godlike experiences they profess, or if they do experience some other worldly state it is that of person suffering from a mental condition like schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder, in which hearing voices or hallucinations are part of the condition.

Aristotle actually theorized that there was no sixth sense, if only people had paid more attention to him than the shambolic contradictions of the bible. Sorry if what I am saying is a little verbose but I just wish to portray my thinking on the subject accurately.


me said...

Finally, someone who agrees with my assessment of Mother Teresa! Thank you Christopher Hitchens, I saw through her decades ago!