Sunday, January 20, 2008

God Hates Clown Fish

by: Wild (Wildjourne)

I have been reading about these God Hates Fags people. These intolerant assholes go around the country protesting against gayness. (or is that gaiety?) They have even ruined military funerals saying that God is letting our soldiers die in the field because we are too accepting of gayness. Hell they even picketed Jerry Falwell's funeral saying he wasn't intolerant enough.

Anyway, it got me thinking. If God really hates Fags then Clownfish must be the work of the devil. I mean here you have a fish where the entire species is born male. That's right, every last clownfish is born a boy. No chicks anywhere.

So they go along in their maleness until two of them decide to hook up. It's always the two biggest, burliest ones also. Yep, the two most macho Clown Fish suddenly decide one day to get gay married., maybe it's a civil union, I am not really completely clear on it, but it is a monogamous same sex relationship.

They move into their little anemone together to settle down. After a while they decide they want kids. Well, you know that no one will let them adopt. Just not going to happen. So one of them makes the big life changing decision to have a radical sex change. So it does. It spontaneously changes from a male clown fish to a female.

They have their little kids and life goes on. Yeah, she's female now, but she used to be a boy. Even worse, they teach the next generation of Clown Fish to behave the exact same way. It's disgraceful.

For the record I have nothing against clownfish or gay people. But come on Westboro Baptist Church if your not going to do something about the Clownfish menace we may have to picket your funerals.