Monday, December 3, 2007

Why Atheist life is better than Theistic lifestyle.


brucev said...

Re: The Darwinian Theory of Evolution.
Mr. C. Darwin's theory is just that, a theory.
Why is it that Hebrew (Loshon HaKodesh - The Tongue That's Holy [The Holy Tongue] is much more advanced than any other language?
Darwin, and other scientists look only at physical evidence to show that mankind evolved from a monkey(s). That's like the blind men and the elephant example.
Go to '' and mystical Hebrew to learn that we have 'devolved' not 'evolved.'
Mankind, thousands of years ago, were smarter, stronger and healthier than us.
Basically, people believe in this 'Walt Disney theory' because they want to be fashionable or like to find an excuse to eliminate G-d from their lives. The field of Science itself is very money oriented and will only investigate things that make money. There is much bias amongst scientists.
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As the great King Solomon said: "Everything is vanity and emptiness without The Torah (The Bible)."