Friday, January 11, 2008

Debate: William Lane Craig vs Hector Avalos

You can hear the debate here: Debate


IrishFarmer said...

I'm surprised to see an atheist bragging about this debate. William Lane Craig absolutely destroyed Hector Avalos.

Rich Rodriguez said...

I was not bragging about this debate, I simply posted it for those who would be interested in hearing it.

Personally though I am a friend and admirer of Hector's work, I don't feel as though he presented a quality debate on the subject.

He insisted on using his rebuttals of WLC book's which put the audience at a loss and was hard to follow. WLC attacked the issues and never retreated from the argument.

WLC clearly won this debate due to his mastery of rhetoric, but failed to answer the 2 or 3 coherent questions Hector asked him.

I would have approached this debate very differently, I wish I had the honor of facing Dr. Craig in the public square.