Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Abortion/Baby Killing Holy?

By: Tarpan

I know this series of speculation draws a bit of anger from people of faith, but I believe it to be a legit series of conclusions. What I am attempting to demonstrate here is that a small detail can be taken to extremes to promote what generally all people would conclude is the wrong kind of behavior. And even though the overall act seems wrong, religiously it can be justified as a very positive thing.

Let me first start out by setting this up that this is specifically targeted a those that believe that babies are sent to either Heaven or Purgatory when they die as a result of their ignorance of religion, and lack of sin up until that point in their lives. Some of this discussion will focus specifically on Christianity due to my stronger understanding of their teachings.

If we calculate the number of religions and sects of religions in the world, and we understand that most religions claim that people of other religions or lack of religions are going to either burn in hell, or just simply not enter heaven and just cease to exist. Based on this it is safe to assume that the great majority of humans are going to go to hell or cease to exist rather than gain access to heaven due to the diversity in faiths that are out there. Atheism and Agnosticism is also on the rise in most western countries. It is safe, at this point, to speculate that no more than 20% of the world is going to get granted access to heaven. That may also be a very high estimate if we factor in the number of people who claim to believe but do not actually practice the teachings and frequently sin without seeking forgiveness.

I know in Christianity in particular it is well advertised that humans can be forgiven for any sin if they truly seek forgiveness. There is only one unforgivable sin, Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and even that a lot of people debate the legitimacy of that.

Now that I have setup my interpretations and I hope at this point you are still with me and agree with the premise, let me move on to the ugly details.

As a Christian parent, what is your ultimate responsibility and goal for your child? Regardless of what they do in life, the most important thing should be that they achieve salvation and access to Heaven. Nothing in life should matter outside of that detail. With the world changing, and great social changes happening all over the world, as well as faith being constantly brought into question it is going to be a dangerous time for your child to grow up. There is a very reasonable chance that they will be lead astray from the path of God and not achieve salvation.

How much do you love your child? If you knew that you were going to be granted access to heaven, and your child access to Hell, would you willingly trade places with them? Would you accept eternal torment to allow your child to escape that? Most parents would claim that they are willing to. What most people don’t realize is that they do have that opportunity, and they can do it legally. The solution is abortion.

By aborting a baby’s life you are ensuring that they gain access to Heaven, or Purgatory, but more importantly they avoid Hell. Murdering your child is obviously a great sin, but if you are truly sorry you can receive forgiveness and still gain access to Heaven yourself. I admit though that the chances of this are unlikely as you will likely feel justified in your action, which makes it difficult to be truly sorry. But either way, why would pro-life supporters not support abortions as a way to redeem the soul of the child rather than having them grow up with a clearly sub-par person who would sin to prevent that baby from accessing the world as it is. Surely their soul is already lost so why not do what’s best for the baby and have them avoid a life with a sinful mother and instead go directly to Heaven and allow the abortion?

The risk of raising your child and steering them away from Hell may still seem attractive at this point though. Let us now take this to the next level. What if you have a couple children, say 3. The odds are greatly in favor of at least one of them straying from the path of God. If you murder them all you will guarantee all of them access to heaven where as it is highly likely that at least one of them will burn in Hell for eternity if you let them all live out their lives. Why not make the exchange early on of yourself to make sure that they cannot stray?

Why not take this to the next level? If you are going to condemn yourself to Hell for all eternity, why not save as many people as possible? Why not bomb a maternity ward? Bomb a pre-school or a day-care? Perhaps bomb a series of day-care facilities and schools? You are guaranteed to save many children that are on doomed to eternity in hellfire.

Let us say for a second that you were to kill 400 young children that are too young to have been excluded from automatic avoidance of Hell. Based on our 20% number, that’s 320 children that are doomed to Hell that you are going to send to Heaven. By sacrificing yourself to eternity in hell you are bolstering Heaven by 319 more souls than it would have received if you just lived out your life. Would God forgive you perhaps for performing such a great duty for Heaven? I’m sure no one wants to guess what God would do, but doesn’t it seem like a truly noble thing to do?

Now, what if you are in a position of political or military power? Why not use that power to strengthen Heaven’s army? Why not take out a whole country of people that do not believe the appropriate religion? Couldn’t you save countless children’s souls that are already on a path to Hell due to the teachings of their parents? Surely this kind of destruction could be classified as legal if done appropriately, you would be killing many infidels which are perfectly acceptable under God’s law, and you would be saving many babies at the same time.

Is the progression kind of silly and perhaps dramatic? Yes, it is. But that is my point. It is 100% dramatic, yet if you believe truly believe in your faith, you would be 100% justified in doing these things. This is just a simple example of how a very simple and nice belief that babies go to Heaven can be turned into a reason for war, and perhaps even justification for multiple genocides.

What is my conclusion in all of this? That there are small things can be taken to great lengths when taken purely on faith and preached as infallible. A belief in a god that claims to judge people based on their faith is destined to have logical holes that could be exploited to do amoral, unethical, and truly horrific things. It’s difficult to imagine great genocides being performed in this form of holy self sacrifice, but isn’t that basically what suicide bombers are doing? It does not take an extremist to perform some of the above acts; all it takes is a moment of apparent clarity. 100% confident that God is real, and that God will do as a person is taught, and all of the above can become perfectly acceptable to a simple house wife, or the President of the United States.

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