Monday, July 28, 2008

CNN - Now Emulating Fox - Turn Off Your TVs

CNN: Campbell Brown Calls House Judiciary Committee Hearing "Stagecraft" "Kabuki Theatre" "Waste of Taxpayers' Money"

This is disgusting... but it proves that televised media is corrupted by the powers of OLIGARCHY... I don't care who you elected president... your wet dream super activist... your anti-corporate hero... or for some the anti-central-banking knight in shining armor.

They couldn't get the truth out through that.

We know the truth... and any time before 1980... those hearings would have been taken very seriously... but CORPORATE HEADS told THESE TWO HAIR-DOs to use the words "Stage Craft" and "Kabuki Theater"... and they got on their dainty knees and did their duty.


Shawn (A New Atheist) said...

George Bush lied to America and the world and is a murderer of thousands of soliders and innocent Iraqi people. This was all done for oil. The impeachment should have been done long ago. I still don't see why a real impeachment hasn't been done to the president and his cohort of liars. Didn't see Rummy there did ya?