Friday, April 13, 2007



Thank you for the question I will show you what evidence I have:

1st and for most if you read his reply (my so called rebuttal by him) you will see that he does not deny making the accusations.
In fact he says the following:

We’re not here to debate how much of a meanie I am.

Would it make any sense to say “Mr. Walton is a meanie, therefore God doesn’t exist”?

In my original post about his impersonations I linked the following sites:

You see there was a parody site of Walton’s blog titled Atheism sucks sucks.
The creators of that blog,detail what happened here:

We were simply making a parody of Frank's blog but now they're pretending to be Mike with Miguel De Alba's Blog. Also, Frank, or a friend of his, probably hacked Mike's computer.

Here is a fake blog Mr. Walton created masquerading as Infidel Mike:

And fake comments by Frank (Miguel De Alba):

If you go to the above link it will forward you to the screen name Rational Response Squad Jr. This is a handle Frank has been masquerading as. I can prove it by not only the real Miguel de Alba’s testimony, but by the liguistics employed by Mr. Walton himself. Notice how the two have almost the exact same verbage usage:

Notice his fascination with my post-graduate work (PhD):

(These are all from Franks comments on his blogs and Myspace pages)

“You best come up with a first rebuttal soon and not on the last day, Mr. Doctoral Candidate”.

“No, Mr. PhD candidate, the readers came for a debate and you're getting too lazy to give us the goods”.

“It actually took a PhD candidate to conjure that up!”

“Hey Mr. PhD., you can run but you can't hide.”

Notice how Rational Response Squad Jr sounds exactly like Mr. Walton:

Rational Response Squad Jr. has left a new comment on your post "Frank Walton Fiasco":

What are you talking about, Rich. I'm with you against Frank "the fart" Walton. He's an idiotic fool! Screw him and his organization. We are the "Rational Response Squad." You're with us. Brian Sapient says hello by the way. You have the better argument against Frank Walton bar none. I especially liked your "just have faith that Christianity" is wrong argument. That's the best thing a PhD candidate can come up with. Forget evidence! You just have faith. That's good. Show those fundies what you're made of. Keep up the good work, friend".

I speak to Brian Sapient everyday people…there is no reason for him to give a shot-out to me through someone who knows him far less than I do!

Remember this is just one of his persons. He also uses S_allegory, which he created this bogus blog with:

This is nothing new, he has been doing this for quite some time. Here is a good blog on the phenomenon that is Mr. Sibil...I mean Walton.

Austin Cline from wrote a story about fake atheist bloggers here:


SocietyVs said...

Is Frank really saying all this jazz about you? I noticed he never commented on his site about the comments - so I left him a coment questioning this behavior. Is it true? Is Frank saying these things?

Michael Stradley said...

Thanks Rich. I too found it strange that Frank didn't immediately deny saying those terrible things about you, and that's certainly enough reason for me to question his credibility and integrity as a Christian.

Rich R. said...

Thanks again Michael,

Send me a copy of your work when its done.

I look forward to reading the work of a real Apologist.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Rich is pretending to be Michael Stradley.

Rich R. said...

Wow! thats great why don't you ask Michael yourself.

Atheism Sucks! sucks said...

Frank posted a new blog at his Infidel Mike blog. He wrote on his blog that Sapient said that the Infidel Mike blog is mine.

His "evidence" is the comment Frank posted (as Sapient) on one of Aaron Kinney's blog.

Sapient never posted a comment on Aaron blog!

Frank just doesn't know when to stop. The guy is crazy.

Good job exposing him, Rich.

Anonymous said...

No offense, Rich...but my Myspace ( is not Michael Stradleys.

I and Michael are two different persons.

Rich R. said...

Sorry M, I assumed you where Michael. Doesnt change the fact that Michael did say the comments mentioned above which was the crux of the matter. I apologize if I sent you traffic you did not want.

michael stradley said...


Those comments were not made by me! Please delete them or I will take legal action.

Michael Stradley

Michael Stradley said...


Why did you leave this comment on my blog, "Faith And Reason"?


Are you now denyign posting the message you did? Don't be a hypocrite, restore some credibility to Christians won't you. Here is what your fellow Christian (Frank) has been posting on my blog:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Evidence For His Split Personas":

do you like to eat beans, beaner?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Evidence For His Split Personas":

Hello Taco Head,

It looks like all you wetbacks are lazy. You're lazy in work, your lazy with the law of America, and youre lazy at philosophy. You know what you are? you're a beaner. Frank Walton has beaner blood too. But you're a full wetback, 100% beaner who can't debate. You must be full of gas like all these burrito-eaters.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Evidence For His Split Personas":

Ahhh ha ha ha! You fucked up! Just like how you fucked up by saying Frank was somebody else!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Evidence For His Split Personas":

hey you fuckin' taco head, where's your rebuttal? are all you beaners worthless?

Is this youir idea of righteous morals?

You are going to side with this garbage? Philosophy aside for a moment and really ask yourself if you are defending the right person here.

I wish you peace in life and hope for the best for you and your family.

In reason,


I don't know if Frank said these things or not, and really don't care if he did. There seems to be an epidemic of paranoia among you members of the RRS who think that people are using different blog identities to leave comments on your site. Why do you now accuse me of denying what I said in my original post? Why do you now load my blog page with profanity laced comments supposedly from Frank Walton--which I now doubt were really from him at all.

What do these comments have to do with me, regardless of who they came from?

My name is Michael Stradley, and its the only name I use--not "M", not "Anonymous", not "Frank Walton". So stop accusing me and other people of using fake names just because you don't like them or what they say to you.


PS--I'm deleting your comment off my blog, since it is not relevant to the topic.

Michael Stradley said...

Rich H wrote:

" So are you saying that you did not post this to my blog?

michael stradley has left a new comment on your post "Evidence For His Split Personas":


Those comments were not made by me! Please delete them or I will take legal action.

Michael Stradley "

No, I didn't write anything of the sort, and besides, I don't see any such comment on this blog anyway, leading me to think you're either lying, or just plain crazy. For future reference, I don't use "anonymous" or any other username when blogging, because I'm not afraid to tell people what I think.

What's your game, Rich? For all I know, you're the one fake blogging, and accusing Frank Walton, myself, and others of doing it in some pitiful attempt at a smear campaign, because you can't debate to save your life.

Again, I'm deleting your comment from my blog, since it isn't relevant to the topic.

Rich R. said...

Wow! So now both Christians are in denial. In Michael’s defense I had not approved the message that said he threatened legal action since I found it out of character…then. It is now obvious that I am dealing with two amateur apologists who do nothing but throw out nonsense and hate speech. Fine Michael you stand next to your fellow “Christian” it seems you two are meant for each other. Debate? This debate was over the moment Mr. Walton launched hate speech at my wife and I. I do not discuss philosophy with children. I will no longer waste any more time on the likes of you two. I believe my actions have shown me to be morally superior to both of you, so take that how you may. I have received many private messages that reflect a different Christianity than the two of you are displaying. It’s a good thing Jesus is a myth you damn hypocrites!

Michael Stradley said...

I've notified Google about my blog profile being hacked by someone, and I've got a good idea of who it was.

Pretty sad that the Rational Response Squad has to resort to such childish tactics.

Rich R. said...

Are you serious? It wasn't us Michael.

Why would any of us hack your profile only to present a denial against my statement?

Ask yourself who was to gain from that statement. You should inside your own camp on this one.

Larry said...

Walton has been doing this kind of shit for years, nothing new here.