Wednesday, April 11, 2007


For those of you who don't know, I attempted to engage Mr. Frank Walton in a debate about the existence of the god of the bible. I have to admit that I knew almost nothing of the man when I engaged him for debate. Slowly, I was made aware of why he has such a bad reputation in both the Christian and Atheist communities.

My wife had a healthy baby boy last week so I asked if we could postpone the debate. He reluctantly agreed. Soon after his initial agititation, he began sending me messages like this:

Don't be a weasel and don't be a coward. I don't mean to rush you but, dude, you're not trustworthy.

A friend of mine has been following Mr. Walton for quite sometime and proved that he routinely masquerades as other posters on his blog. Here is an example:

Here is a fake blog Mr. Walton created masquerading as Infidel Mike:

And fake comments by Frank (Miguel De Alba):

This just the tip of the iceberg, he not only sent me racist remarks he insulted my wife!

Read the following reply I sent him:

First, I would like to applaud Mr Walton for admitting that faith proves absolutely nothing. If you cannot see the point I was making then you are intellectually bankrupt. You can go to my blog if you need it spelled out for you:

I find it quite humorous that Mr. Walton attacked my “faith” statement with an appeal to reason. I applaud you for using what little brain matter you have in that lost head of yours, but don’t you realize what it is you just did? You just confirmed the primacy of Reason over Faith! Thanks Frank

But you see for the Christian it's different.

Special pleading…it is no different than any other belief system which invokes faith. You can say anything is true by invoking faith but does it make it so? I could say I have faith that an invisible unicorn is the creator of all life on planet Earth does that make it so? No, since the burden of proof is on the person making the positive claim. Otherwise I could say “prove that the invisible unicorn didn’t create all life on Earth”. Does that make it truth? In order for a claim to be true it must be falsifiable.

The point is moot anyway, since Mr. Walton has already conceded the debate. He has shown his immaturity and lack of tolerance in his comments and private messages to me. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Walton routinely masquerades (hides) behind pseudo identities on his blog. His latest pseudo names are Rational Response Jr and S_ Allegory. Yes, he actually writes replies to himself on his own blog! If that does not give you some insight into the mind of this lost individual read the following.

Here are some samples of his Christian morality: (Mr. S allegory (Frank) is commenting on my picture in Masonic regalia on my Myspace page.

Hey whats the deal with the outfit? Hopefully your making salsa for the white man, you know the real race.

Is this what Christianity has come to? I am often critical of the teachings but when such ignorance and hatred is spewing from the mouths of the so called devout, what is one to think?

My wife just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week (was the reason for the debate postponement) Mr. Walton has this
to say about it:

“Apparently you knocked up another whore”

“You need to concentrate on the debate fag-boy and stop deleting my comments”

“I'll bet you free-masons suck a lot of dick huh?” ( Is the bible inerrant blog) I also have screen shots.

Wow, remember this Frank “"You will know them by their fruits” Matthew 7:16. Apparently you have never read the book you claim to believe in. Is this the fruits of belief? I don’t think so, I don’t believe Frank is a Christian. He has shown it by his racist ignorant replies. What Christian reading this will stand on the side of this man? Will you put your name into the same hat as such a person? If you are a “real” (true Scotsman aside) Christian please let Mr. Walton know what you think of his comments.

I am going to continue my rebuttal but not for the child who invokes bigotry and hatred. I will respond for those Christians out there who really want to understand why an Atheist denies the god of the bible. I will post these to this blog:

Frank has presented one of the worst cases I have read in a debate. Anyone who knows me understands that I have successfully debated many Theists and could easily dismantle his weak plagiaristic J.P Holding regurgitations. Mr. Walton is not even worthy of identification with the least of them. He wonders why no one wants to debate him, frankly I can see why. No self respecting professional should engage in conversation with such a character. I was warned that he would pull antics of this type but I naively engaged him anyway. When I did ask for this debate, I assumed I would be debating a sincere Christian who at the minimum understood the message of Christ in the bible. I am sad to say that this is clearly not the case. Mr. Walton is filled with hatred, bigotry and malice.

Then again maybe these are the true teachings of the bible. It is certainly easy to find verses that support that hypothesis but is that what Christians mean when they claim to me children of god? I don’t think so - most Christians are good loving people who hold steadily to family values and other humanistic principles. I can identify with their humanistic efforts and applaud many of the good works they do. We Atheist can claim the same efforts for our own and do many of the same good works without the concept of future reward (or damnation) for our actions. We are all human beings living on an insignificant planet in a vast universe. We should seek to find ways to harmonize our efforts and hopefully one day we will. People like Mr. Walton are unfortunately just lashing out at their own misfortunes. Frank I don’t know what happened to you as a child, where you not loved, or possibly molested? I feel sorry for you my friend but guess what I forgive you. I forgive you for your ignorance and hatred towards me and my family.

For those of you who don’t know me or Mr. Walton very well, ask yourselves this. Based on the actions displayed by the two of us here, who would you say displays the morality you identify with?


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LunarShadow said...

I still ask myself why people even listen to this hateful person other than comical reading.

Rational Response Squad Jr. said...

What are you talking about, Rich. I'm with you against Frank "the fart" Walton. He's an idiotic fool! Screw him and his organization. We are the "Rational Response Squad." You're with us. Brian Sapient says hello by the way. You have the better argument against Frank Walton bar none. I especially liked your "just have faith that Christianity" is wrong argument. That's the best thing a PhD candidate can come up with. Forget evidence! You just have faith. That's good. Show those fundies what you're made of. Keep up the good work, friend.

Michael Stradley said...

How exactly do you know that Frank Walton is masquerading as other posters? Is it just because these posters take a similar approach to criticizing you and the RRS? I was accused of being Frank Walton a couple of times too, just because of that. So before I write Frank off as a bigot and hypocrite, I'd like to know how you know he's using fake blogger names?

Rich R. said...
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Rich R. said...

Read the new blog

Atheism Sucks! sucks said...

Looks like Frank is still trying to trick people with his RRS Jr blog.