Sunday, April 29, 2007


For those of you who don't know, Axiom tech (aka QXDC) has challenged Frank Walton to a debate. Axiom should have know that Frank doesn't have an honest bone in his body. Axiom is wasting his time with Walton who is the even worse than Ray Comfort at trying to argue the theist side. As you can see from the following post Frank tries to weasel his way out of their exchange over 125 words!

Axiom-Tech, You have just broken one of the rules of the debate. As you can see in the very first post in this forum (by Knight) you were to write an opening no more than 1500 words, yet you’re opening is 1625 words (not counting the references… I don’t count those… but, uh, it seemed liked you were doing more arguing in the third reference! Give me a break!). And you wonder why I called you a moron? As far as I can tell none of the moderators warned you about this infraction, which is unfortunate, and which is why I'm posting this message myself. My sole purpose of going to a forum was to have a fair debate while being properly moderated. I will post my opening tomorrow, but if you continue to break the rules of the debate (or weasel in more arguments in your reference section), I will not continue it. I hope you would be more civil in your conduct. Thanks, Frank Walton

Talk about grasping for straws. I can't believe this joker believes he would have lasted a micro second against me. QXDC is one of the weakest Atheist I have ever come across, he has been regularly pwned by both Rook and I in the stickam room. Frank can't even handle a wanna be Atheist! lol!

Why do I call him a wanna be Atheist? Does this look like something an Atheist would do?

(Axiom tech on the left getting friendly with Kent Hovind)