Sunday, October 19, 2008

GOP Targets 'Godless Friends' of N.C. Dem. Senate Candidate

Elizabeth Dole, in a bid to defeat Kay Hagan for a North Carolina Senate seat, is using her willingness to reach out to us against her. Folks this has to stop. If a single, solitary politician can win an election by demonizing an opponent who embraces us, we will become a political pariah to ANY others.

- This will set back ALL the massive progress we've made in the past few years.

- This will silence THE NUMBER 1 voice holding back those massive forces attempting to force America to convert to southern fundamentalist Christianity.

We CANNOT count on liberal Christians and Jews to do this for us.

(1) They have shown an open hostility to the advance of unbelievers (ex. using the right-wing tactic of comparing us to totalitarians).

(2) They are DYING in terms of adherents nationwide.

It is up to us. Please contact Kay Hagan and provide ANY SUPPORT YOU CAN!

Statewide Headquarters Number: (336) 617-7416
Street Address: 700 N Eugene, Greensboro, NC 27401

Mailing Address: Hagan Senate Committee Inc.
P.O. Box 29103, Greensboro, NC 27429-9103


Ash Tha God said...

Wowww! Is removing "God" from the pledge and the money REALLY that scary and radical? This is what happens when people don't know history and how recently those references to God on our money and pledge were added. Something most definitely needs to be done about this. We can't have the support of nonbelievers be a liability to politicians.