Sunday, October 5, 2008

Obama a Freethinker?


Anonymous said...

What's to discuss. His mother was open minded about religion and open to all religions and viewed them all as an outsider. It wouldn't be to hard to infer that she was a diest or practiced her own religion just as easily to infer that she was atheist.
This entire segment has little to no bearing on Obama's beliefs. He clearly is a Christian, you only need to watch his acceptance speech to understand that, watching it was like watching an old time revival, all we needed was Obama himself laying hands on a poor blind boy to make him see.

If your vote is based on religion then this year your choice is, as usual, Christian or Christian, accept it.

Anonymous said...

Neither candidate was actually Christian. It's called pandering to the base. One does the complete opposite of what Christianity preaches, and the other is too open-minded to be a Christian. Let's not try that excuse of "they're all Christian because they say so."