Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silly Fundy Thinks Mars is a Waste of Money

Rob Hood, commentator on The Conservative Voice thinks that the Mars Phoenix probe is a waste of money - Read it here

"Mars is a desert planet and perhaps there is ice and maybe even water there. So what? Who cares? It’s water! That doesn’t mean a thing. Life originated on Earth when God spoke it into existence and there is no need in wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer money searching for an answer that is based upon faulty evolutionary ideas."

~Rob Hood

Some numbers to consider:

Total amount budgeted for NASA 1958-2008: $592.38 Billion avg: $11.85 Billion per year.

Cost of Afghanistan and Iraq wars: $604 Billion and counting... in 7 years. Avg: $86.3 Billion per year.

50 years of exploration, science, understanding, and just plain betterment of the human experience... worth every damn penny.

7 years of an illegal war, countless dead, countless wounded... not so much.


johnnyfatsac said...

Hey, great post! Here is the Bad Astronomer's take on this science hating douche bag.

Paula said...

You've got the wrong picture of Rob Hood. The guy you're showing is an Australian horror writer.

Robert Hood said...

Rich, my name is Robert Hood and I'm a horror writer from Australia. That picture you've put up of "Rob Hood" the fundamentalist commentator for The Conservative Voice is NOT in fact me. You've got the wrong man. I am not an American, a conservative, a fundamentalist christian or an anti-scientific, anti-evolutionary journo (or whatever the hell he is). Please remove the picture immediately as I really don't wish to be associated with such ideas.

Rob Hood
(who is excited about the discovery of water on Mars)

Rich Rodriguez said...

My sincere apology Mr. Hood, I thought I had the right man.

Robert Hood said...

No worries, Rich. I just wouldn't want to tarnish my reputation among my atheistic scifi buddies.