Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poem: Half a Savior too little by: yours truly.

Half a Savior too little

by: Rich Rodriguez

On a given Sunday morn,

All the towns’ children gather.

To learn a tale of a savior born,

Of which there was no father.

They sing and praise this man god’s name

Though they know not how to read;

And read it not, is the lesson learned,

Since those that do are free and leave,

The unpleasantness of the sanctuary.

Those that escape are often ostracized

By those who can’t see through their eyes;

They waste their time looking to the sky

And miss this one true paradise.

But in the town of Milton’s Pit,

There lived a boy who questioned it.

He tried but could not understand,

How life could form without a man.

For he had learned in Biology,

That two were required for progeny.

And in this act did forty-six,

Young chromosomes exchange and mix.

The building blocks of a brand new life,

So saith his teacher Mrs. Blythe.

He then cried out” how could this be,”

“For Mary gave but twenty-three”

“Did the Holy-ghost impart the rest?”

“Or did ole St. Matthew write in jest?”

“Perhaps it’s just a mystery?”

“No, no, no, no it’s plain to see,

This is no tale from History.”

“They cannot get me to believe,

This tome of childish fantasy.”

more to come...