Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A look at Islam


Anonymous said...

This video is full of lies. Just like you cannot quote a verse from Bible and use it the way you want to use it, you cannot misquote Quran and use it to your advantage. These extremist Muslims represent 2% of total Muslim population and I agree that they are responsible of giving Muslims all over the world a bad image 1st verse Sura 8, V60 shown in the video right before second plane hit world trade center was sent down from God to Mohammed when there was a war going on between Muslims and non-muslims after the peace treaty was broken by non-muslims and muslims were forced out of their homes. Second verse Sura 4, Verse 56 quoted is explaining what happens in hell after the day of judgment, it is not telling Muslims to burn Christians .Islam is the true religion; followers of Islam are not following teaching of Islam. Islam does not teach any of the things shown in this video, Islam do not support Hitler, Islam do not control what a Mullah (preacher) say when he is giving a lecture and it do not control extremist Muslims. I am a Muslim and I am not responsible for all the Muslims in the world and what they do. They will answer their doing and I will answer mine. The sign a lady is holding that says” GOD BLESS HITLER” is a very good work of picture alteration. Clap to that. This is hate propaganda against Muslims. Although I slam is the only religion besides Christianity that believes on Miracle birth of Jesus, we believe he gave life to dead and perform all the miracles mentioned in Holy Scripture.