Friday, April 11, 2008

Illinois Representative is a Hypocrite!

Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) has a history of that we should
all be aware of:

1. She spearheaded a bill to mandate silent prayer in Illinois
schools which was later vetoed by the governor. She then fought
to overide that veto and lost.

2. She ALSO has a questionable history of dealing with schools
and the needs of students. She sought to ban local school boards
and the Illinois State Board of Education from "establishing,
maintaining, or in any way supporting any virtual schools or
virtual classes for elementary or secondary students in this State."

She sought to cap funding to Charter schools in Illinois and was
also defeated. Some of you may agree with her on this issue,
but when there are 20,000 children on waiting lists for
Charter schools in Chicago alone and when 65 percent of the
enrollees are African-Americans, she has no business
lecturing others on "philosophies...dangerous to children".

She also has some question as to her financial support of Illinois
schools, which leads to the next problem...

3. She has a history of the sort of behavior that has only now
made national news. In a debate with her opponent for her seat,
Stanley Moore, when confronted with her record on voting against
school funding bills that were confirmed at the forum by Sen. Donne
Trotter (D-17) and her lack of support for Charter schools, Rep. Davis
apparently walked off the stage!

She also has some difficulty with sharing the spotlight with the quite
possible next President of the United States, Barack Obama.
According to Todd Spivak of the Dallas Observer:

State Representative Monique Davis, who attended the same church
as Obama and co-sponsored several bills with him, also did not support
his candidacy. She complained of feeling overshadowed by Obama.

"I was snubbed," Davis told me. "I felt he was shutting me out of history."

I am concerned that members of the African-American community
will rally to Davis’ support. I hope they will show the same
discernment when a black FEDERAL representative named Cynthia
McKinny, who also had no talent for self-control, was voted from
office as well.

Shortly after the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination,
please remember that a number of atheists, like Stanley Levison, also
work side-by-side with him for the advancement of African-Americans.
This woman is no one to throw your hat in with and she needs to go.