Saturday, February 16, 2008

The "good" ole BIble

"Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived."
......Isaac Asimov


Anonymous said...

Great video! That lady is insane. I looked for this on YouTube to see how many hits it has but for some reason it didn't show up...?

Dolores said...

Is this poking religion in the eye, or the Truth of GOD/LIFE?

GOD/LIFE, is Visible and Invisible Elements in the Universes, and on Planets. GOD/LIFE is Present Always, never Absent, or there would not be Human Life as we Know it.

When our Human Pilots, during WW2, flew to New Guinea, and established a base for our troops. They also shared supplies with the natives. The Natives called them Gods, and started the Cargo Cult Religion. Our Pilots were Present and Absent.

Ancient Tablets in the Mid-East, record High Tech Humans from another Planet, who reached Earth to mine for gold. Zacharia Sitchin translated, that They changed the Primitive Life that had Evolved on Earth, into Human Life as we Know it today. Jerusalem was a spaceport for these Humans; they were Present and Absent.

The Evolution Theory, is that Life on Earth arose from Algae, to Apes, to Black Skinned Humans, and up to the White, Brown, Yellow and Red Skin Humans today. No God to be Present or Absent.

High Tech Science Knowledge today, proves the Fact, that Humans can Colonize a Planet, and Reproduce Human Life in vetro in the Lab. In Genesis, Life began on Earth, supernaturally by the Lord God, and Humans were Reproduced supernaturally.

High Tech Science, is the 'super'natural Knowledge in Genesis and Myth. Our High Tech Ancestors were Present and Absent, coming and leaving Earth. It is Time for a High Tech Science Translation of all Writings and Myths on Earth, about the Present and Absent High Tech Human Gods in Religion and Myth.

Dolores said...

Artificial Contraception is what Saved Earth from dying the past 100 years.

With a Heterosexual Birth Rate Explosion, of 1 Billion Humans in 1900, to 7 Billion Human in 2011, what would have happened to our Planet without artificial contraception, masterbation, and homosexual sex?

Humans also had a High Tech Science Explosion, that made atom and nuclear bombs, and all types of weapons of massive destruction, against our Brothers/Sisters of Life. Why?

With all the Religious Humans on Planet Earth, with all their different Gods to Love, Why Do Humans Hate and Kill Each Other? Kill Their Land, Water, and Seas? Their Eco System? Why have they made a Slum of their Home and of All GODs Temples of Life?

In the Beginning, which Species was the be the Caretakers of God's Planet? Human? Humans need to Know the Original Cause that Divided them Unequally and made them a Killer Species instead of Caretakers.

On my web site I try to explain this in Creation,

Dolores said...

Matthew 5:9. KJV. (Jesus) "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
Exodus 20:1,14. "And God spake all these words, saying, - Thou shalt not kill."

What do we call, weapon makers and users, soldiers and humans that use guns, nuclear bomb makers and users? Children of Satan? Can Killers be Children of God?

Teaching children about being Peacemakers, is a great idea, but Adults need to set the example, by being Peace Keepers, not Killers.

What happens when the children are grown, and told they must be patriotic, join the army, or build weapons of mass destruction, instead of Obeying God? Will they stay peacekeepers or become Killers, like Earth's Humans?

Train a child the Way they should go, and when they are grown, they will not depart from it. It does take a Peace Global Village to raise Peace Children. Were children before this Peace Quest, ever told to be peacekeepers? Where are they? In monasteries and nunneries?

Did Love of God, or Hate, influence Humans to make Nuclear Bombs? How can Humans have two masters, God and Satan? They will Serve One and Hate the Other. Why do Humans Kill Humans, Animals, all Life Species, and their Eco System? Love of God or Satan?

When did God or Jesus 'say' 'Thou shalt not Kill. except'. Mouth Worship is not a Way to show Love of God, and our Brothers/Sisters of Life.

Humans have been out of control, ever since Heterosexual Body Birth that has No Control on Over their Reproduction. Killing each other, has been used for Birth Control.

The First Humans on Earth were not reproduced by Body Birth, but by a High Tech Science Womb, which can control the population, which we are working toward today.

Saying Peace, Peace when there is No Peace, while we are Killing our Brothers/Sisters of Life, is hypocrisy, not Love of GOD, God, or Jesus.

Dolores said...

Since I accept the Noah/Atlantis Flood, did happen and that all the ruins on Earth, were part of their Society, that was mostly washed off the Earth with the Planetary Flood.

Such as Angkor Wat complex, China and India ruins, the Colosseum and Greek ruins, Egyptian pyramids and Temples, Europe ruins, Mexican and South American ruins, American Indian ruins, etc. And large concrete/'rock' slabs like in Jerusalem, that were spaceports for their Civilization. We have a big concrete slab in Florida for our Shuttles to launch from.

There is so much called mysterious on our Planet, that can be understood when we accept, High Tech Science was on Earth, before the Judgement Planetary Flood, and at the Colonization of Planet Earth.

With this Knowledge acceptance, it is very exciting to see all these ruins, and wonder how our Planet will look after the Judgement Day Fire.

Rich Rodriguez said...

Dolores you are either dreadfully uninformed / misinformed or insane.

Dolores said...

I am none of the above. I am ahead of our Time, to understand the High Tech Science in the Christian Bible, all Scripture, and Myths.

Thanks for your comment.

Rich Rodriguez said...

I have an idea - how about a debate between you and I on the bible and its meanings?

We can do a live debate on stickam.