Thursday, August 7, 2008

Help get this hate group's tax exemption revoked - Catholic League

Please Fill out a 13909

Send it to this address:

Here is the info you will need on the form:

Catholic League

450 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY 10123

(212) 371-3191

Fax: (212) 371-3394

President name: William Donahue


The Catholic League ran by William Donahue has engaged in libel against a Senator of the United States who is running for president. The group claims that Senator Barack Obama supports infanticide!

View the hate speech here

Infanticide: the practice of someone intentionally causing the death of an infant.

Infant: A child up to 2 years (24 months) of age.

The word "infant" came from the Latin infans which was derived from in-, not + Fari, to speak = not to speak, speechless. The idea was that, since the ability to speak was thought to arrive at the age of two, younger children were infants.

By an odd twist, some adults may only show their infantile attitudes when they open their mouths to speak - like Mr. Donahue.

Please fill out the form provided and email it to the address at the top of this page.

Just in case William Donahue reads this here is a message for him: