Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie - For The Bible Tells Me So


Anonymous said...

I think this movie will leave people avoiding the main issue. It's not that fundamental Christianity has to become more accepting, but that it should be removed from society for the damages it has produced and most likely will continue to produce. I guess in order to progress we have to start somewhere, but the more informed I become, the more passionate I am of doing what I can to making such fantastical beliefs a minority and terminated all together. I think we all know who really is diseased in this video.

David said...

This video is rather infuriating to watch. I say this not because I agree with all of the claims made in it, but because it is a total mis-representation of Christianity. The fact of the matter is, people do some really, really messed up things. Christians do. Atheists do. Everyone does things that are completely irrational and unfair. What this video does to prove its point is exaggerate, frighten and take the actions of the craziest cases of "fundamental Christians" not only out of context, but out of a sheer hatred of Christians. I'll say it again. Christians have messed up. They've taken good intentions and turned them into horrible, horrible acts in the name of God. That's terrible. Granted. But what can't be done to dispel these terrible acts is doing more terrible things, like making insanely biased, non-fact-based videos. This video is truly terroristic in nature. It does what centuries of Christians had done; let's make people believe what we believe by scaring them. We can't keep doing that if we want to prove a point. We can't keep doing that if we want peace in this world. At the risk of sounding like a "fundamentalist Christian", Jesus loved people regardless of what they believed about any issue. What Christianity attempts to do is show people how to live like Jesus. Not how to be a good person. Not how to save everyone's souls. How to love people and how to love God passionately and honestly. I don't think that this video is productive for "winning over" any intelligent, thinking human being... it's a scare tactic that was made by a human being with thoughts and ideas and experiences and hurts and yes... even fears of their own.